Russian threat highest since 2014

1917 December 6: Finland Independence Day

1991 December 16: Kazakhstan Independence Day

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer Suggests Blockading Russian Ships From All EU And US Ports

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Man with ties to Russian military buys building near Rīga Airport

Latvian KGB files to be published online within next three weeks

Standoff Over INF Treaty Enters New Phase As U.S. Reveals Details Of Russian Missile

British Spy Chief Warns Russia Against Covert Activity After Nerve-Agent Attack

U.S. Senator calls for sending warships to Black Sea, giving Ukraine more weapons

Depardieu Gets New Residence In Siberia After Tax Scandal In Mordovia

Qatar is pulling out of OPEC to focus on gas

NATO Chief Demands Russia Release Ukrainian Ships, Sailors

All aboard: Tickets go on sale for Finland-Estonia train tunnel, yet to be built

Dubai company putting €100 million into Tallinn-Helsinki tunnel

Germany to Back Russian Gas Link Despite Ukraine Tensions

Can conventional deterrence make the costs of a potential Russian invasion of the Baltic States appear prohibitively high?

Czech Republic blames Russia for multiple government network hacks

China ‘Is the Only One in the Race’ to Make Electric Buses, Taxis and Trucks

Belarus officially labels 500,000 people ‘parasites’

U.S. Gives Russia 60 Days To Comply With Nuclear Arms Pact

Russian threat highest since 2014: Ukraine military chief

Denmark wants to move expelled criminals to Lithuania

US sees Macedonia in NATO in mid-2020 after name change deal

China Reneges on Its Deals. The Vatican Is Learning That the Hard Way.

Black Hat Europe: You Can be Lucky if You’re the First to Be Attacked

US makes preparations to sail warship into Black Sea amid Russia-Ukraine tensions

Still Recovering: Armenia’s Catastrophic Earthquake, 30 Years Later

“Wild Souls: Symbolism in the Baltic States” at Musée d’Orsay, Paris

Nord Stream 2 is a trap of Germany’s own making

NATO Gives Bosnia Green Light To Move Toward Membership

Campaign of repression in Xinjiang is the most severe human rights crisis in China: US

UN wants access to China’s Xinjiang ‘re-education camps’

One man’s fight to get US Congress to care about China’s Uyghurs

Hero In Ukraine, Hated In Belarus

Russia warns Cyprus against allowing U.S. military to deploy there

PM suggests Serbia could intervene if Kosovo sets up full army

Slovakia has expelled Russian diplomat for espionage

Finland’s flagship library Oodi opens to the public in Helsinki

Beijing may be ‘testing Tokyo’s resolve’ with drilling missions in contested parts of East China Sea

US warship challenges Russia claims in Sea of Japan

Over 105,000 Russians resettled to Russian-occupied Crimea

Luxembourg to become first country to make all public transport free

U.S. Conducts ‘Extraordinary’ Observation Flight Over Ukraine

Ukraine’s Parliament Approves Bill To Terminate Friendship Treaty With Russia

St. Petersburg Plaques Commemorating Soviet Purge Victims Ruled ‘Illegal’

A section of the U.S. Treasury yield curve has moved into inversion

U.S. could disconnect Russia from SWIFT over aggression against Ukraine

US sends warship into Ukraine’s Black Sea crisis

Latvia rejects UN migration pact

Lithuanian Air Force deploys two long-range 3D radars

Ukraine coast guards allowed to open aimed fire without warning when repelling attack

New Zealand China Scholar ‘Targeted’ by Beijing

Benin to develop data exchange platform based on Estonian model

Latvians see themselves as victims, but there are heroes to discover

Why is the EU paying its richest farmers more at the expense of those who most need support?

CDU party chooses Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer as Angela Merkel’s successor

Lithuania imposes national sanctions on Russian Federation over aggression in Ukraine

Black Sea standoff reflects Russia’s disregard for global rules, top U.S. military officer says

At 2008 NATO-Russia Council, Putin called Ukraine “artificial formation” and “mistake in history” – Linkevicius

Pentagon Challenges Russian Expansion In Rare Solidarity Commitment To Ukraine

US Senator Johnson wants push back on Russia in the Baltic Sea

Confession: Belarusian Played Angry Ukrainian In Russian TV Report Slamming Euromaidan

Hungary and Poland: EU capitals of homophobia

Bulgarian PM Borissov: Entry of warships to Black Sea would lead to major crisis

Reform submits second resolution on Estonian-only education

UK police finally agree to investigate children regularly abusing immigrant woman from Lithuania

Danish Crown Prince Couple visit Latvia

UK intel targets six Russian oligarchs with ties to Putin

Lithuania to send ammunition, more instructors to Ukraine, president says

Russian opposition gathers in Vilnius, supports Ukraine

A Decade Later, Iceland Sets Sights on Final Post-Crisis Exit

Yemen peace talks in Sweden focus on prisoner swap deal

The Russian Federation will disintegrate but not ‘just like the Soviet Union did’

UK planning landing operations exercise in Estonia in summer 2019

EU adds 9 persons from ‘elections’ in ‘Donetsk People’s Republic’ and ‘Luhansk People’s Republic’ to sanctions list

Christmas Book Flood: Iceland’s Literature-Loving Holiday Tradition 2018