‘European Army’ to Defend Against … the U.S.

1989 November 9: Fall of the Berlin Wall

2014 November 9: Catalan self-determination referendum

1919 November 11: Latvian Freedom Fighters’ Remembrance Day – Lāčplēsis Day

1918 November 11: National Independence Day in Poland

November 16, 1988: Estonian Sovereignty Declaration

November 16: Icelandic Language Day

1989 November 17: Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia

1918 November 18: Proclamation of the Republic of Latvia

2013 November 21: Euromaidan, Ukraine

November 24: Remembrance Day for the Victims of Holodomors in Ukraine

November 15-17: European Minority Film Festival, Husum, North Frisia/Fraschlönj

China’s Military Sends Undercover ‘Students’ To Western Universities to Steal Technology

VLADDY CHEEK Moment Russian warplane crashes NATO’s biggest military exercise since the Cold War risking WW3

Fortress Russia: How Can NATO Defeat Moscow’s A2/AD Strategy and Air Defenses?

Lithuania commences major Iron Wolf military drills

Lithuanian Ūkio bankas owner Vladimir Romanov to stand trial over £300million fraud

Russia issues air traffic WARNING as navy prepares to fire missiles near NATO drill

US Secret Service agents join president of Estonia for New York City Marathon

‘Watch what we do’: Mike Pompeo puts Russia, China on notice over Iran

Cuban President Meets North Korea’s Kim Jong Un as Part of First Overseas Tour

Funding for cohesion to be Latvia’s priority in 2019 EU budget

Slovenia boasts emerging Europe’s highest level of English proficiency

Russian fighter jet conducts ‘unsafe’ intercept of U.S. Navy surveillance plane over Black Sea

CERN is considering the possibility of establishing business incubation centre in Lithuania

Lithuania’s TS-LKD picks Šimonytė as presidential candidate

How Estonia Secures Its Electronic Elections From Kremlin Attacks

Baltic notaries’ annual roundtable focuses on money laundering prevention

Latvia’s president to the new Saeima: The founders built Latvia from ruins within 4 years

Russia Military Creates Ship Groups with Long-Range Missiles in the Baltic, Barents, Black and Mediterranean Seas

Lithuania bans music video because it includes same-sex couples kissing

Spain and Russia agree to set up joint cybersecurity group

Lukashenka Says No Need For Russian Military Base In Belarus, Praises U.S. Role In Europe

More fallout from Ukrainian autocephaly: Russians learn Moscow Orthodox hierarchs were KGB officers

Tusk says Poland risks following UK out of EU

Ministry proposes to teach Lithuanian to ethnic minority children from early age

‘Lustrum’ tells the real-life tales of the KGB in Latvia

“Go home!” Poroshenko tells Russian army and church

French President Emmanuel Macron Calls for a ‘European Army’ to Defend Against China, Russia AND THE U.S.

MEPs call on Germany’s Merkel to halt Nord Stream 2 gas project

Jānis Bordāns nominated to head new Latvian government

Poland, Baltic States Host Their Biggest-Ever NATO Military Drills

Poland signs deal for long-term deliveries of US gas

Information warfare in Latvia between Russia, the West intensifying

Why it’s time for the Hanseatic League 2.0

Analysts: a new economic crunch is probable but Lithuania can handle it

EU Tells Denmark and Estonia to Adopt Money Laundering Rule or Face Court

U.S. Energy Secretary Warns Sanctions Still Possible Over Nord Stream 2 Project

Russian search engine giant getting into Finnish taxi business

New century of statehood brings new season of artworks at Mark Rothko Center

Russia trying to seize larger areas in Donbas

Russia demands prior warning after OSCE drone catches it transporting weapons of death to Ukraine by night

The hidden invasion: Russia’s military convoys to Ukraine since 2014

Fall of the Berlin Wall: On 29th anniversary, it’s a different world

Austrian colonel spied for Russia for decades, Vienna says

Ukraine may seek compensation from Russia over Nord Stream 2

Winners of the Annual Greste Baltic Freedom of Speech Award

Russia suspected of GPS jamming during Nato exercises

Kolkhozs: How collectivization changed the Latvian countryside, utterly

Lithuanian parlt committee chair on same-sex marriages: it’s impossible

More trouble for Latvian central bank boss Rimšēvičs

Estonia marks centenary as e-residency programme takes off in Scotland

Latvia remembers its fallen freedom fighters

Poland holds centenary parade alongside far-right march

Breaking stereotypes: Record number of women in Latvia’s 13th Saeima

From the CAR to Eritrea, Russia’s African Ambitions Unfold

Cheerful house of Gloomy terrorist. Living conditions of the Russian officer suspect in the downing of MH17

Over 3 Mln Belarusians Cannot Afford Minimum Set Of Goods, Services

We will only defend our independence with modern, battle capable and strong armed forces – Latvia’s Vejonis