Willing to use nuclear weapons would see enemies

1714 September 11: National Day of Catalonia

2001 September 11: 9/11

1991 September 21: Armenia Independence Day

1236 September 22: Day of the Baltic Unity

1944 September 22: Resistance Fighting Day In Estonia

2017 September 25: Iraqi Kurdistan independence referendum

September 26: European Day of Languages

Council of the Baltic Sea States launching a new project against Human Trafficking

Baltic Agriculture: The Political Economy of Extremes

Three countries holding hands for one cause

Russia-Linked Money-Laundering Probe Looks at $150 Billion in Transactions

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German forces land in Norway for major NATO exercises

Baltic states blast Walmart over Soviet-themed shirts

Lithuania Asks Walmart To Stop Selling Clothing With Soviet Symbols

U.S and India bolster military ties with focus on China

10 years ago, Iceland’s massive financial crisis erupted

10 defence pacts in 2 years nudge Finland away from non-aligned status

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Lithuania commits to spending 2.5 pct of GDP on defence by 2030

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Estonian politicians expect ethnic divide to become issue in election campaign

Latvia regains ECB representation after governor’s suspension

Lithuania commits to spending 2.5 pct of GDP on defence by 2030

Russian Propaganda’s Western Enablers

30 years since the most important Singing Revolution concert

National Day of Catalonia: a million voices join peaceful call to form Catalan Republic

Russia Launches Biggest Ever War Games With China in a Warning to U.S.

China Joins Russian Drills in Sign of Growing Military Ties

Estonia’s Cybernetica to develop data exchange system for Greenland

Industry leaders in Riga discussing development of Latvia as a logistics hub of the Northern Europe

Latvian government approves €175m Black Hawk purchase

Publishing of KGB files to begin this year in Latvia

Arty, hipster and a country within a country: Welcome to the Republic of Užupis

Lithuanian FM in Tbilisi: Today Russia is not a superpower, it is a super-problem

Inside Belarus as Europe’s last dictatorship struggles to restyle itself as a Silicon Valley rival

Woodward In Baltic war: Russia willing to use nuclear weapons against NATO in the Baltics

European Parliament approves copyright law proposed by Estonia’s Ansip

Latvia’s Soviet-era dissident Lasmane-Doroņina nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Latvia to store 180 samples of seeds at Svalbard Global Seed Vault

Norway Poised to Battle With Global Giants in German Gas Market

Belongings of missing WikiLeaks associate Kamphuis found in Norway

Lithuania awaits Pope Francis with “great anticipation”

Irish high schools offer Lithuanian and Korean foreign language courses

French think tanks issue 50 recommendations to combat information manipulations

Pipeline From Hell? Nord Stream 2 And Why It’s So Contentious

Angela Merkel faces suspicion in Baltics

Mikser visits Brunei in first high-level visit by Estonia

Baltics call on Commission to preserve Cohesion Fund support after 2020

Blackstone takes billion-euro stake in Luminor bank

€250m wind farm to be built in western Latvia by 2022

Museum of the Occupation of Latvia being rebuilt

Latvian hacker sentenced to 33 months in US federal prison

EU marks 10 years since Russia-Georgia war, condemns Russian aggression

Russia’s Tatars try to save their language

Russia Is Cracking Down on Minority Languages – but a Resistance Movement Is Growing

Italy blocks adding name to Russia sanctions list

Angela Merkel rules out lifting EU Russia sanctions

Merkel, in Vilnius, vows to keep sanctions on Russia, but defends Nord Stream

German troops face Russian ‘hybrid war’ in Lithuania: Merkel

Lithuania to hold municipal elections on March 3, to elect president on May 12

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Lithuania has EU’s largest gap between urban and rural employment

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Swiss Confirm Russians Tried To Hack Lab Analyzing Skripal Samples

Riigikogu discusses transition to Estonian-language teaching at all levels

Rally against transition to education in Latvian passes without incident

Technical scenario for Baltic grid synchronisation approved in Brussels

US Army deploys tanks, IFVs to Lithuania for training

Lithuania won’t appeal EU commission’s decision in Gazprom probe