Latvian embassy in Moscow attacked

1950 May 9: Europe Day

1948 May 15: Nakba Day, Day of the Catastrophe in Palestine

1944 May 16: Day of Sinti, Romani and Roma resistance

1814 May 17: Norwegian National/Constitution Day

1995 May 17: Panchen Lama’s abduction in Tibet

1944 May 18: Day of Remembrance for the victims of the Crimean Tatar genocide

2006 May 21: Montenegro Independence Day

1918 May 26: Georgia Independence Day

No woman, no tech?

EU puts spoke in wheel of cheap Chinese e-bike imports

YouTube’s Kremlin Disinformation Problem

Ukrainian armored, airborne troops exercise with NATO forces in Germany

Norway is making its fjords ‘the world’s first zero emission zone at sea’

Japan, Estonia to boost cyber-defense cooperation

Estonia’s Luik: Time for European defense cooperation to show tangible results

Japanese defense minister visits Estonia for first time

Adidas accused of historical insensitivity for its Russia ‘tank dress’

Baltic Day sees centenary celebrations in Temple Bar

ECB Says Latvia Broke Law by Barring Accused Central-Bank Head

Latvian bank ABLV takes ECB to court for triggering its collapse

History’s fault lines: WWII commemorations show up Latvia’s checkered past

Latvia gets an ice hockey wake-up call from Finns

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China completes its largest investment deal in Estonia

Estonia to open representative trade office in Dubai

Denmark to join Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence in Tallinn

Over 10k postcards to Finland in ‘solidarity’ with Catalonia

Georgia Ranked 4th in StrategEast Westernization Index 2018

Armenia protest leader Pashinyan wins PM vote

New Armenian PM tells Putin he wants closer ties with Russia

“Latvian” meat made in Lithuania

Belarus court sentences former “LPR” militant to prison term

Top-6 Soviet World War II myths used by Russia today

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Sweden, US and Finland agree to work more closely together on defence

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Latvian Security Police detain pro-Russia activist

Latvian embassy in Moscow attacked

What is Finnishness?

Estonia’s Luik to Finnish paper: Russia trying to pressure NATO to leave Baltic Sea

Estonia implements entry ban on leaders of Myanmar for persecution of Rohingya

Estonia may rescind citizenship based on special merit

Estonia wants to strengthen relations with Saudi Arabia

Baltic Sea acts as a TIME MACHINE predicting how oceans will be in the FUTURE

The Baltic Sea as a time machine for the future coastal ocean

British-born scientist, 104, dies in assisted suicide in Switzerland

Latvia pushes USA all the way at ice hockey world championship

Tribeca Festival honours Russian Fascist propaganda short

Estonian police investigating sexual harassment allegations against astrologer Igor Mang

Lithuanian parlt names 2020 as Year of Vilnius Gaon and History of Lithuanian Jews

John McCain: ‘Vladimir Putin Is an Evil Man’

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Poland rolls out big legal gun against Nord Stream 2

German activists try to block Nord Stream 2 — media

Baltic, German foreign ministers split on Nord Stream

German minister pledges to take into account Baltics’ comments on Nord Stream 2

Everything you wanted to know about Nord Stream 2 but were afraid to ask

The secret Soviet council which established the Kremlin’s gas monopoly on Europe

Pro-Kremlin media to Baltic states: “nobody needs you”

Estonian Defence League membership exceeds 26,000

Latvia shrinks, former expats plug holes

Latvia takes down Germany at Ice Hockey World Championship

Moscow forming ‘death squads’ in occupied Crimea and elsewhere, Shmulyevich says

Luik: Siil an important means of demonstrating deterrence

Faroe Islands look to Estonian example setting up own e-government system

Defmin: Security net covering Estonia can resist any attack

Advisor to Manafort and McCain now working for Latvian ‘Social Democrat’ party Saskaņa

So close! Latvia lose to Canada in overtime at hockey world championship

George Soros’ Open Society Foundations to move from Hungary to Germany