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February 21: International Mother Language Day

1918 February 24: Estonia Independence Day – Estonia is 100

1990 March 11: Day of Re-Establishment of Lithuania’s Independence

Monday, February 26, 2018

Worldwide Day of Action for Ukrainian writer and filmmaker Oleg Sentsov imprisoned by Russia

2014 February 20: Heavenly Hundred Remembrance Day in Ukraine

1944 February 23: Aardakh a.k.a. Operation Lentil: Soviet expulsion of Vainakh (Chechen and Ingush) to Central Asia

1921 February 25: Soviet Russian Invasion in Democratic Republic of Georgia

2014 February 27: Russia’s annexation of Crimea

1878 March 3: Liberation Day in Bulgaria

1957 March 6: Ghana, 1st sub-Saharan African country to become independent from colonial rule

1944 March 8: Mass deportation of the Balkar people by Stalin’s Soviet Union

1959 March 10: Tibetan National Uprising Day

Competition: Tallinn Red Terror Museum

Estonia calls for EU to spend more for defense in border states

Polish, Lithuanian presidents call for NATO transport infrastructure growth

Latvia’s chief banker arrested by anti-corruption officials

Key EU banker accused of bribery, Russia ties

Lithuania’s Central Bank Probes 100 Million Euro ICO

Anniversary volume of the Baltic Yearbook of International Law

EU Commission calls for ‘swift’ response to Latvia money laundering claims

US show of force sends Russia a message in Black Sea

Two photographers recreate bloodiest days of Euromaidan with virtual reality

34 Latvian books to appear in English ahead of London Book Fair

Lithuania’s traffic accident rate up by third in 2018, casualty rate jumps 82 pct

New “Baltic Startup” magazine launched

Baltic states boost artillery capabilities

Georgia: From Independence to Freedom – 100 Years of Republic

Finland beats Russians 3-2 for women’s hockey bronze medal

Philip Morris may have breached Lithuania’s advertising rules with new smoking device

Belarus: Still at War with Press and “Parasites”

Educational and economic value of embracing people’s mother tongues

‘Our values, beliefs and identity’ are embedded within language, UNESCO says on Mother Language Day

Vilnius Book Fair 2018: Reading Lithuania – Reading the World

Lithuania reiterates non-recognition of Crimea annexation

Beyond the digital drivel: Long-term expats sound off about life in Estonia

Iceland: The Most Corrupt Nordic Country

Baltics were murder capital of Europe in 2015

Latvian central bank governor remembers “hint” of bribery

Baltic presidents to visit Trump in April

Estonia 21st least corrupt country in the world

Sweden braced for possible Russian election meddling: security service

Ukraine four years after the Maidan

Vilnius to be lit up in Estonia’s national colors on Feb. 24

Baltic formins to meet Tillerson in March

Lithuania wants to keep current structure of EU commissioners after Brexit

Georgia recognised as easiest place in emerging Europe to do business

Defense minister: Bringing Patriot system to Estonia a symbolic move

PM Ratas: Estonia looking into possibilities to help sub-Saharan Africa

MEP visits Rohingya refugee camp in Myanmar, finds desperate conditions

Possible $3.2B Patriot sale to Sweden gets US State Department approval

100 anniversary of death of 1st Mufti of the Muslims of Crimea, Lithuania, Poland Noman Çelebicihan

Deputy commander of US European Command visiting Estonia

Lithuania seeks equal direct payments for farmers – Grybauskaite in Brussels

Record-breaking Norway out of Olympic golden shoes

Estonia 100: Finland flies flag, sends love for neighbour’s centennial

Prime minister commemorates founders and defenders of Estonian statehood

Estonian commander Terras: Independence and freedom never to be taken for granted

‘Estonia is a part of the free world, without it we have no air to breathe’

Czech President Wants Hacking Suspect Sent To Russia, Not U.S.

Washington DC mayor declares Feb. 24 Estonia Day

Latvian leaders send centennial message to Estonia

Ukrainian leaders congratulate Estonia on centennial

ECB pulls the plug on Latvia’s failing ABLV

Former President Ilves: Tomorrow’s Estonia is of our own making