Global Cyber-Alliance of Democracies

1991 January 13: Freedom Defenders Day in Lithuania

1991 January 20: The Barricades in Latvia

1990 January 19-20: Azerbaijan: Black January

1919 January 22: Day of Unity of Ukraine

2014 January 22: The first killings of protesters on the Maidan

1759 January 25: Burns Night, Scotland

January 26, 1950: Republic Day in India

Lithuania urges Canada to join long-term investment drive for Ukraine

Sauna improves health by lowering blood pressure and artery stiffness

Lithuania becomes Associate Member State of CERN

US Weapons and Chinese Cash Compete for Influence in Ukraine

Estonia is hosting a massive party to celebrate turning 100 this year

Largest military exercise since restoration of Latvia’s independence slated for August

Lithuania: a candle for pedestrians without reflectors

Most Finns want free books in secondary schools

Top 5 trends in Iceland this winter

Survey found 4.1% of women have fallen victim to sexual offences in Sweden

German World War II graves unearthed in Estonia

Washington To Name Street Outside Russian Embassy After Nemtsov

Russian troll factory expands its work space threefold in 2018

Estonian general: Russia’s Zapad exercise was a practice attack against NATO

Christian Reeve: The lessons I’ve learned since being in Estonia

Uzbekistan to launch green corridors with Baltic States, Belarus

New York to go Latvian in April for Knicks v Bucks

Lithuania Bans all Alcohol Advertisements

Lithuania liquor ad ban creates headache over foreign magazines

Homophobic Violence Still A Major Problem In Iceland

A U.S.-Ukraine Weapons Deal Has Russia Up in Arms

Germany, Norway deliver ilmenite ore to occupied Crimea in sanctions breach

Sweden and NATO – 23 years down the road

Lithuania’s population declines by 38,000 in 2017

Riga among Tripadvisor’s top 10 ‘destinations on the rise’

Transport minister unsure why Finnish ships face increased scrutiny in Russian harbours

Putin-pranking rappers escape fines for Åland “gay bar” incident

No More Dissidents on Apple: Apple’s China iCloud data migration sweeps up international user accounts

The Communist holocaust and its lessons for the 21st Century

Danish NATO battlegroup contingent lands at Ämari air base in Estonia

European parliament should promote “more debate and political dialogue” on Catalonia, Lithuanian MEP Petras Austrevicius

EUR 400,200 to be spent on communications strategy, PR services for Rail Baltica

Latvia and Lithuania establish “Balts’ Award”

Bank of Lithuania launches blockchain sandbox

Is Russia Borrowing From Stalin’s Playbook to Bury the Past?

As in Soviet times, Kremlin again misusing psychiatry against its political opponents

Japanese PM Kicks off Six-Nation European Tour in Estonia

British Embassy Tallinn celebrates 100 years of friendship between the UK and Estonia

Japan to join NATO cyber defense center in Tallinn

Estonia first country to ratify Armenia-EU agreement

Denmark Breaks Own Record for Electricity Generated via Wind Power

Danish companies warming up for a strong 2018: analysis

Lithuania bans entry to 49 Russians under ‘Magnitsky Act’

Over 150 witnesses questioned in Lithuania’s Jan. 13 coup case – prosecutors

Energy drink consumption sending more young people to hospital in Finland

‘Very high level of confidence’ Russia used Kaspersky software for devastating NSA leaks

Ukrainians travelling to Russia are playing Russian roulette

Japan’s Abe in historic visit to Latvia

Abe in Latvia Calls for Pressure on North Korea

Rigikogu preparing for major renovation of Toompea Castle, the seat of the Estonian parliament

Former Estonian president Hendrik Ilves calls for global cyber-alliance of democracies

Abe visits museum honoring wartime diplomat Chiune Sugihara in Lithuania

Japan announces three-way pact with Baltic countries as Abe tours Eastern Europe