Russian Nuclear Power Play Astravets in Belarus

November 16, 1988: Estonian Sovereignty Declaration

November 16: Icelandic Language Day

November 17, 1989: Czech Republic’s National Day of Freedom

November 18, 1918: Proclamation Day of the Republic of Latvia

November 25: Remembrance Day for the Victims of Holodomors in Ukraine

December 3: Commemoration Day of Victims of Genocide Against the Latvian People by the Totalitarian Communist Regime in Latvia


20 minutes from Helsinki to Tallinn in five years?

Ireland sees Brexit uniting smaller EU states on benefits of trade

Film to probe Zolitūde supermarket disaster

Environmentalists take Norway to court over Arctic drilling

Majority of Finns feel effects of fake news

Baltic Finance Ministries Decide to Support Blockchain Technology Development

Estonia, Iceland have the most internet freedom

New report on information war against Ukraine published in Estonia

Mikko Kärnä: ‘If Catalan secessionists win the elections, it will mean that the Republic is taking hold’

Lithuania and Singapore forge fintech pact

Latvia: The Baltic Resurrection

Latvian wages grow four times within 16 years

$100m from US defense budget to be used for supporting Baltics

Russian Foreign Ministry official visits Riga

Latvian Daesh volunteer gets sentence increased to 10 years

Russian Nuclear Power Play Astravets in Belarus

Ostapenko honored in Latvia on postage stamp

Magnitsky Act: Lithuania adds to EU momentum on Russia sanctions

Norway’s $1 trillion wealth fund proposes dropping oil and gas stocks

European Parliament says Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova could be considered for EU membership

Russian fake-news campaign against Canadian troops in Latvia includes propaganda about litter, luxury apartments

Luxembourg contributes to Baltic defense

Pentagon: Raytheon Gets OK for $10.5B Patriot Sale to Poland

Estonian president in Rwanda says would like to see closer cooperation between Europe, Africa

Africa could overtake Europe in digital world

More than 1,000 events to be held during year of Estonia’s 100th anniversary

Vershbow: US could deploy another brigade to Europe

Estonian residents see migration as EU’s biggest problem

Happy independence day from… everyone! Latvia