2017 05 01

May 4, 1990: Independence Restoration Day in Latvia

Austerity Nears End of the Line in Finland as Economy Surprises

Russia hacked Danish defence for two years, minister tells newspaper

Norwegian regulator wants domestic control of mobile networks

Baltic example gives hope for solving conflict in Ukraine

Suwalki Gap: THIS is where Russia will strike: NATO helpless at world war flashpoint

The Suwalki Gap — the potential European flashpoint Vladimir Putin is keeping a close eye on

81% of Latvians want tax differentiation depending on income

Journey deep into the Finnish caverns where nuclear waste will be buried for millenia

Faster, greener, cheaper: Hyperloop One visits Lithuania

Tribeca: Oscilloscope Buys Estonian Fantasy-Drama ‘November’

Sweden arrests second suspect over deadly truck attack

Kristaps Porzingis Will Play for Latvia in 2017 EuroBasket

Porziņģis puts country first

The USAF’s F-35s in Estonia Are a Message to Russia and Critics

Report reinforces financial viability of Rail Baltica

The Pirates called up Dovydas Neverauskas, the first born-and-raised Lithuanian in MLB history

Rail Baltica «biggest project of last 100 years»

Nordic and Baltic states agree 5G development strategy

Belarus march against nuclear power on Chernobyl anniversary

World’s largest cyber defence exercise takes place in Estonia

Fake news abounds

American Jets In Europe Show ‘Will’ And ‘Unity’ Against Russia, Estonia’s Defense Minister Says

Latvia, May 4, 2017: centenary to be marked by oak-planting project

NATO cyber defense center in Estonia staging world’s biggest exercise in cyber defense

Estonia says Russia may put troops in Belarus to challenge NATO

Poll: Over half of Finns think a terrorist attack likely within a year

Cyprus activists protest Turkey’s planned Russian nuclear plant

What We Can Learn from the E-Saga of Estonia

Is This Tiny European Nation a Preview of Our Tech Future?

10 Years After the Landmark Attack on Estonia, Is the World Better Prepared for Cyber Threats?

How a cyber attack transformed Estonia

First Estonian ‘data embassy’ to open in Luxembourg

Nordea threatens to leave Sweden for Denmark

Ballet great Baryshnikov granted Latvian citizenship

Bring out the big guns – Latvia signs howitzer deal

Memorandum on electricity synchronization should be signed in June

Less than half of Latvians positive about Latvia’s EU membership

Finland launches national security initiatives defending against hybrid threats

Estonia police put teddy bears on patrol

Czech team wins Locked Shields cyber defense exercise

Sweden lorry attack claims fifth victim

Latvian man sentenced to four years for fighting in Syria

Baltic states to share €2 commemorative coin design in 2018

Trump hails Lithuania’s commitment to boost defense spending