2017 03 27

Call for applications for the 2017-2018 short-term studies in Lithuania now open!

Country as a service becoming reality in Estonia

Tallinn hosted the largest blockchain conference in the Baltic states

US general: US troops in Baltic states are response to Russia’s aggression

Four thousand ethnic Russians in Estonia now consider Estonian their native language

British troops arrive in Estonia to deter Russian aggression in one of biggest deployments to region in decades

Estonia has 1.3 million people: Here’s how it plans to get 10 million e-residents by 2025

Teachers’ average salary increases to €1,208 in Estonia

Latvia’s fortress think tank

Latvia sends out its centenary invitation

Representatives of Nordic-Baltic states visit Tshkinvali occupation line

Lithuania and Latvia to jointly purchase pneumococcal vaccine

Media: USD 1.6 billions of Russian money laundered through Estonian banks

Sweden preparing nuclear fallout bunkers across the country amid fear of Russian war

Russia Could Have Laundered Up to USD 80 B Via Moldova, Latvia

Estonia: National defense committee meets with Georgian national security advisor

Estonia: State spends €2.7 million in 2016 to receive and accommodate refugees

First French soldiers arrive in Estonia

Estonia’s Vitsut meets Lord Mayor of London

John Kerry scouts business opportunities in Latvia

Baltic states’ centenary coin vote launched online

NATO, Nordic and Baltic air force commanders meeting in Lithuania to discuss security

Estonian foreign minister: Visit of parliament panel to Russia is unthinkable

Latvia’s main export markets are growing, which means Latvia’s economy will also see growth

Finnish, US defence ministers discuss ISIS and Winter War

Canadian troops prepared for «worst case» in Latvia

First 5G station opens in Riga

Expert compares situation in Baltics with Berlin during Cold War at U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee meeting

Lithuanian Prime Minister sees no fast solutions to migration problem

Estonian Foreign Minister On NATO And The Country’s Neighbor Russia

Farmland buyers will have to know some Latvian

A Russian propaganda site incites breaking up Baltic countries

Latvian foreign minister warns of Russian response to Canada’s Baltic mission

Lithuanian MEP Guoga blacklisted by Russia

‘Russia Is a Threat … to All of Europe’, Lithuanian President

New Threats Require a New Response: What the Baltic Countries and the US Face in Putin’s Russia

Estonian World is rated number one Estonia authority by a Paris agency

Estonia’s lessons for fighting Russian disinformation

‘Russia is a threat’: Estonia frets about its neighbor

Mikser: Estonia ready to strengthen cyber cooperation with US

Latvia could target assets of human traffickers says CoE

Trump-linked data firm suggested stoking ethnic tensions in Latvia

Riga Photomonth 2017 to take place between fact and fiction

Jüri Ratas: All roads lead to Europe

EU leaders seek unity on 60th anniversary of founding treaty

March 25, 1918: Freedom Day in Belarus (Dzen Voli)

Candles lit across Estonia in honor of March 1949 deportations

March 25 in Latvia: a day of double significance

March 25–28, 1949, Operation Priboi: Soviet Mass Deportation from the Baltic States

Estonia: security will not be bargaining chip in Brexit negotiations

Latvia calls for release of Belarus protesters

Second call for Estonia-Latvia program proposals launched

Kaljulaid: Russia does not pose physical threat to Estonia