2017 03 05

March 11, 1990: Day of Re-Establishment of Lithuania’s Independence


Would you volunteer teaching English to Ukrainian kids?


Americans say Putin poses ‘clear and present danger’

Canadian troops to find permanent home in Latvia to deter Russian aggression

Triana Park wins Supernova 2017, Latvian national selection for Eurovision Song Contest, with the song Line

Masks and snowy streets herald pre-spring rite in Latvia

Latvia looks for new sales markets in UAE, Vejonis says during visit to Dubai

America would gain nothing from cosying up to Putin’s declining Russia

Linkevicius urges continued pressure against Russia over human rights violations in Crimea

More Russians Proud of Annexing Crimea Than Being First Country to Send a Man to Space

‘Stop feeding Moscow!’ – slogan of next Russian revolution, St. Petersburg regionalist says

Finland among the best in the world

Norway’s Government-Abducted Children, And Ramifications For Europe

How Norway’s huge sovereign wealth fund made a $53 billion return

Baltic states oppose Nord Stream 2 pipeline

Legendary Nokia phone gets a reboot

Viewpoint: Here is the #FAKENEWS!

Same-sex marriage law goes into effect in Finland

Lutheran bishops: Priests who perform gay weddings “will face consequences”

Hacked correspondence shows Kremlin’s efforts to promote “Russian world” in Eastern Europe by funding radicals

Mass killer Breivik loses human rights case against Norway

Black Hawk helicopters return to Latvia

Baltic states security just as important as Germany’s

U.S. general wants Russia to open Zapad 2017 military exercise to observers

Allied battalion to arrive in Estonia in next 6 weeks

Estonian foreign minister: Russia can be deterred

€22 million earmarked for construction of Estonia’s eastern border in 2017

NATO Unprepared to Defend Baltics from Russian Attack

Think tank offers double Baltic hybrid thoughts

Germany says to keep soldiers in Baltics as long as needed

Juncker says Brexit can’t stop Europe’s future

First self-driving cars to be tested on Estonian roads as of Thursday

Lithuanian government seeks to introduce online voting this year

Germany backs Lithuania’s goal to ensure Belarusian N-plant safety

New record in Finland: 1,100 women apply for military service

Estonia gets development plan for adapting to climate change

Czech troops may join NATO forces in Lithuania, Estonia

Tallinn Pride to be held again following decade-long break

Sweden’s women wear motivational messages on football shirts

New French book profiles the Latvians

Latvia bottom among Baltics for imports and exports

Finland: Hyperloop takes a step forward with new technical study

Gabriel: Russian military build-up ‘completely irrational’

Estonian minister calls for simplifying rules for EU’s cross-border social benefits

Estonia’s largest container complex to be built for allied troops in Tapa

Sweden returns to military conscription, citing Russia’s annexation of Crimea as major reason

Sweden Introduces Military Conscription for Men, Women

Bradshaw: NATO needs grand strategy to deter Moscow

Estonia to increase diplomatic presence in Washington

Migration, terrorism biggest problems Latvians see

Estonian MP calls for state legal aid for victims of family violence