2017 02 19

February 24, 1918: Independence Day in Estonia

State of the art Jewish museum to open outside a former shtetl in Lithuania

Walk of shame: Sweden’s “first feminist government” don hijabs in Iran

‘Preparing for WAR with the West’ Lithuania fears Putin planning to invade Baltic states

Finland inks $266 million deal to revitalize Europe’s largest nickel mine

Luxembourg to send troops to Lithuania

Estonia the model for cyber simplicity

Iceland Fixed Its Teen Substance-Abuse Problem By Giving Them Something Better To Do

Media not a channel for personal freedom of speech

Estonia’s Public Administration Minister wants to move 25 public institutions out of Tallinn

Lithuanian parliament bans all violence against children, including corporal punishments

Spain to send six Leopard tanks and several armored vehicles to Latvia

Finland: citizens’ initiative on legalisation of euthanasia

90% of married people in Finland happy in their relationship

Lithuania’s tourist board is ridiculed on social media for using photos of OTHER countries in its ads (even Prime Minister joins in)

Poland, Germany and Estonia are EU’s ‘worst power polluters’

Estonian startup sector 2016

Just 49% of Latvians view NATO as providing protection

A state that pays software devs’ tax bills? Here’s how Latvia is aiming to lure startups

Security academy would be crucial Estonian identity point in Narva

Estonia one of two European NATO members to reach the 2% defence spending target

Nordic countries deepen ties over Russia concerns

Russian Anti-Gay Lawmaker Caught Shopping For Embargoed Fish In Finland

EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement gives high hopes for Latvian IT sector

What can Latvia offer to startups, or what is the #StartinLV Welcome Pack?

WORLD WAR 3: Putin’s aggression prompts Spain to bolster Nato forces with MORE resources

US Defense Secretary: US committed to NATO collective defense principle

Lithuania confident of US commitment to NATO

NATO and Finland step up cyber defence cooperation

Six key points about Finnish defence policy

Lithuania celebrates 99th anniversary of restoration of state

Georgian President sends warm wishes to Lithuanians on Independence Day

US call for higher defense spending should not be taken as reproach to Latvia

Putin More Aggressive to NATO Since Trump Win, Estonia Says

Estonia sixth in the world by economic freedom, second in Europe

US Now Ranked #17 in Economic Freedom – Falling Behind Lithuania, Estonia, UAE, Others

One of the smallest countries in Europe is backing Trump on NATO

NATO multinational battle groups «fully operational by June»

«Mumbai express» to be tested this year

US role ‘necessary’ in Baltic air defence: Lithuania

Lithuanian nationalists celebrate Holocaust-era quisling, Pepe the Frog near execution site

Lithuania looking for source of false accusation of rape by German troops

German army battles ‘fake news’ of rape reports in Lithuania

NATO: Russia targeted German army with fake news campaign

Russian Aggression Spurs Lithuania to Prepare for Possible Invasion

Finland will boost its army by over 20% amid heightened tensions with Russia

Latvia supports Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic efforts

Four NATO Nations Would Pick Russia to Defend Them If Threatened: Poll

Lithuania experiencing nuclear blackmail

The Baltic states: No easy target

German defense minister in Munich: Lithuania deserves our defense

Trump’s cry for more NATO spending is ‘so simple’ to resolve: Finland President

Finnish parliament confirms same-sex marriage law

Latvia to get «introverted» at London Book Fair

Belarus might import oil through Latvia

Canadian troops brace for Russian propaganda campaign

Canadians prepare to face cyberwarriors and fake news in Latvia mission

Expect more fake news from Russia, top NATO general says

TOUR OF BOOTY British troops are given a guide to the best strip clubs in Estonia by defence chiefs

The tactics Russian intelligence uses to harass foreign diplomats

Baltic presidents meet with US Vice President Pence