2017 05 15

May 17, 1814: May 17th, National Day, Constitution Day in Norway

F-35s to Estonia

Vladimir Putin sends three Russian warships into Nato waters after US vessel arrives in Baltic Sea

Ratas: The energy and transport connections between the Baltic states and the rest of Europe is the assurance of our future

Norwegian Minister of EEA and EU affairs to visit Estonia

Realists Winning Tug of War Over Belarus

May 22-24, 2017: IV International Lithuania Congress at the University of Wroclaw

Macron Will Find a Potential Ally in Estonia’s President

May 9, 1950: Europe Day

Schindler: Russia’s covert warfare is remarkably overt

Anti-IS coalition meets in Denmark to assess campaign

Poland faces criticism at UN human rights forum

CyCon 2017 starts May 30th in Talinn

Estonian president: In the face of Brexit, unity will be at the heart of our EU presidency

Tallinn jails GRU agent spying on Estonian and NATO forces

U.S. Criticizes Russian Buildup In Baltics, May Temporarily Deploy Patriot Missiles

Czech government to send troops to Baltics to join NATO

Russians hold first-ever Victory Day parade in Helsinki

Jim Mattis, in Lithuania, Reaffirms U.S. Commitment to NATO

University mergers planned in Lithuania

Estonia to lead debate on the future of social systems in the digital era

US defense secretary pledges to defend Baltic States

Lithuania Calls for Permanent U.S. Military Presence Amid Russia Tensions

Bergmanis: US to continue to support development of Latvian armed forces

Chart ships final cryogenic vessels to complete LNG hub in Klaipėda, Lithuania

Forest2Market Publishes First Transaction-Based Wood Price Report for Sweden, Finland, the Baltic States and Northwest Russia

Who Benefits From the Alcoholisation of Belarus?

Tartu dreaming of tram line, driverless buses, bikeshare system

Six NATO ships arrive in Tallinn

Mogherini: EU expects energy, determination from Estonia during presidency

Baltic states wiped out of the Eurovision final 2017

After three Baltic countries agree to disconnect power grids from Russia, the cyber hackers arrive

German Expert: Belarus Should Hold Serious Government-Opposition Talks

First openly gay swimmer to compete for Estonia

Deputy Secretary General visits NATO troops in Estonia

Ilves presents Bush with highest Estonian decoration

Ratas: Estonia supports Georgia in its Euro-Atlantic aspirations

Estonia, Russia to sign agreement on cross-border cooperation

From the language of serfs to official EU communication – the journey of Latvian